Traditional Roast Turkey


1 x whole Turkey (12-14 lb)
225 g butter
I x bunch of Thyme herb
1x Bunch of Rosemary
1/2 kg of mixed root veg i.e. Carrots,onions ,celery ,parsnip/turnip
Small bunch of Thyme and Rosemary herb for butter glaze
30 g plain flour
Crackled black pepper
Sea salt
Wicklow rapeseed oil


1- Preheat oven to 180 /350f/gas 4
2- Weight Turkey and calculate the correct cooking time (15 mins per 450g/1lb and 15 mins over )
3- Melt butter and dip Thyme n rosemary herb in to the butter and brush Turkey all over and Remove giblets and neck if possible
4- Fill cavity with half the root veg and some thyme n rosemary springs
5- Place some root vegetables into roasting dish (along with giblets n neck)
6- Place Turkey onto vegetables or roasting spit just above the vegetables and roast in preheated oven for 3-3 1/2 hours until fully cooked
7- You might need to cover Turkey with tin foil half way through cooking time to stop Turkey skin from getting too golden in colour
8-The Turkey s cooked when the juices run clear .Remove Turkey from oven and allow to rest (approx 30mins )
9- Ready to serve

Roast gravy

1- To Make the gravy ,spoon off surplus fat from Roasting tray ,using a whisk ,stir and scrap well to dissolve the caramelised meat juices from roasting tin
2-Boil it up well ,season and thicken with a little roux if it requires.
3-Taste and correct
4- Strain the gravy now and serve

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